The human side of capital

We’re a team that shares a core belief: the future belongs to those who can build it. That’s why we do what we do—bridge the gap between engineering and entrepreneurship.

Our approach

We don’t just invest in engineers, we’re creating a system that invests in them too. We work with engineers to start and build robust engineering companies that become training grounds for future engineer-founders.

We believe investing starts well before the first check. It’s investing in people as people, years before they’re founders. It’s asking about their craziest dreams, then helping them inch (or sprint) closer to them, whenever and however it makes the most sense for them.

(Does this resonate? We’re looking for people to join our investment team. If this is the kind of philosophy you can get behind, learn more about what we believe and the roles we’re hiring for.)

We work with engineers and founders in a virtuous cycle of investment.
  • Realize what’s possible

    People are capable of incredible things. We want to be a force that helps them realize what’s possible, then chase after it—day after day.

  • Practice humanity

    Helping people starts with being a good person. We believe the way we act and treat others—with empathy, kindness, and support—is as important as what we’re able to help them accomplish.

  • Think in lifetimes

    We measure what we can do in years, decades, and generations. What we do today is in diligent and constant pursuit of what we’re capable of doing in the (very) long-term.

  • Be an owner-operator

    As owners, we dream about what’s possible and do what’s best for the mission. As operators, we’re obsessed with details, systems, and action.


Photo of Armaan Ali.
Armaan Ali
Photo of Baris Akis.
Baris Akis
Photo of Ashwin Hira.
Ashwin Hira
Photo of Jim Baaden.
Jim Baaden
Photo of Marie Szuts.
Marie Szuts
Photo of Lisa Davie.
Lisa Davie
Photo of Gelila Asnake.
Gelila Asnake
Photo of Adi Viswanathan.
Adi Viswanathan
Photo of Amir Hassanabadi.
Amir Hassanabadi

Talent strategy & operations

We don't just deploy capital—we deploy embedded teams of talent operators to help our founders navigate hypergrowth.
Photo of Adelia Curtis Duarte.
Adelia Curtis Duarte
Photo of Becca Gelb.
Becca Gelb
Photo of Mike Moriarty.
Mike Moriarty
Photo of Andrew Rising.
Andrew Rising
Photo of Vince Volpe.
Vince Volpe
Photo of Matt Stephenson.
Matt Stephenson

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