A venture firm for engineers

We believe great engineers build great companies. We invest in founders and startups that share that mindset.

Behind every investment is a team of ambitious engineers.
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We operate at the intersection of engineering and entrepreneurship.

intersection of engineers and founders
  • $500M+
    Assets under management
  • 5,000+
    Engineers and founders in our network
  • 10
    Unicorns we’ve invested in before they were unicorns
  • 12
    Unicorns where we've placed engineers as early hires

We work with engineers throughout their entrepreneurial journeys.

Henrique and Pedro were coding and launching companies in their teens. We met them as freshmen in college, where we spent hours exploring and hashing out potential startup ideas (like virtual reality), then wrote their first check when they pivoted to fintech and started Brex. We placed 3 of their first employees and have invested in every round since.

Brex founders
Diego Represas

Diego knew he'd start a company—eventually. We connected him to Digit as employee 11; he ran half the eng org in 4 years. He joined us as Entrepreneur-in-Residence when he was ready to start his own thing.

Katie Mishra

Katie has loved storytelling and coding since childhood. As a Delta Fellow, she built a company, raised pre-seed funding and met her co-founder on a vision that brought her longtime interests together.