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What Is Human Capital?

We are the agency for ambitious engineers. We believe engineers are the shapers of the future.

Our mission is to empower high-potential engineers to maximize their impact – whether that’s by joining a rapidly growing company that aligns with their vision or by starting their own company in partnership with our venture firm.

Human Capital has honestly changed my career because I have no idea where I would've ended up without Human Capital, but I am super glad I ended up at Clumio.

Eric Bo, Clumio

UC Berkeley '18

Human Capital was able to direct me towards a company that I never would have applied to myself but turned out to be the best company I could’ve worked for.

Jennifer Isaza, Anduril

Carnegie Mellon '18

After being placed into my first job by Human Capital, I had the chance to observe factors contributing to different startups' successes and decided to start my own. Human Capital was my first investor and been much more than an ordinary investor by pointing me in the right direction with clients and advisors and helping me recruit new employees with minimal effort needed.

Deger Turan, stealth

Stanford '16

After getting my CS degree from Harvard I was choosing between PM, VC, and SWE roles. I knew I wanted to feel passionate about the people I worked with, about the mission- or the work- itself. After seeing Human Capital change the trajectory of my peers’ careers on campus as an ambassador, I joined the team full-time. I feel tremendously fortunate that the people I work with, both within and beyond our four walls at Human Capital, are brilliant and highly motivated.

Zabie Elmgren, Human Capital

Harvard '18

It’s seriously hard to overstate the value of the opportunities Human Capital team has opened up for me. I’m approaching my fourth full year at Digit. During my time here, my role has increased in scope about three times, which is about as good as it gets. I consider myself lucky to be working somewhere I love and be challenged consistently.

Diego Represas, Digit

Stanford '16

If not introduced to Anduril by Human Capital, I would have probably continued my job search at big companies in the Bay Area. I have always been an idealist -- I believe that we can all find work that is meaningful, challenging, and genuinely fun. The kind of work that excites us, the kind for which we are jumping out of bed. Working for Anduril has been nothing short of this.

Nikhil Reddy, Anduril

UC Berkeley '19

Human Capital helped me get to and decide on Brex, which I have no doubt will set me on a differentiated path (and in many ways already has). It's probably been one of the best outcomes I could've hoped for based on my decision to join.

Orry Despo, Brex

Stanford '17 & '18

Overall, my journey with Human Capital has been incredible. From hearing about it the first time my junior year to managing the ambassador team at CMU to signing with Clumio one year later, I've seen all parts of how Human Capital works. I'm very grateful for the network it has introduced me to all the talented friends I've made from across the country as well as the mentorship and career advice I've personally received. I'm excited to continue to be a part of this community beyond my college experience and to help this community grow as well.

Doug Qian, Clumio

CMU '19

Human Capital does an excellent job pairing college graduates with top-tier, well-funded startups. Their process is very personalized and their partners really want to make sure that your interests are heard and that you are paired with companies that are innovative and full of technical talent.

Deepan Saravanan, Clumio

UPenn '19

Human Capital played a key role in helping me find a great company, Thoughtspot, to start my career with. I loved my time at ThoughtSpot and experienced the company scale internationally to a 500+ person org/$2B valuation. More importantly, Human Capital team has had my back every step of the way, from helping me negotiate my original offer to provide advice on a new venture I’m launching.

Aditya Viswanathan, Stealth

Stanford '18

Human Capital basically gave me a 5-year headstart to my career, by finding me somewhere I can get a precious experience that would've usually taken me several years to build up to. I would probably be stuck in a large company where I wouldn't feel as motivated or proud of the work I'm doing here. I consider myself extremely fortunate that the timing of being introduced to Human Capital, the diligence of their team, and the luck of talking to Clumio first all came together to make sure I ended up at a company I love so much.

Maadhav Shah, Clumio

UC Berkeley '18

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Finding your first job can be complicated. At Human Capital, we understand these challenges and are here to help you launch your career. We’d love to meet to help refine your goals and get connected with mission-aligned, high-growth opportunities, at no cost to you.

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If you have a problem you are passionate about solving and want to start your own venture, we can be your thought partner and invest in your idea.

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Since 2015, our community has grown to more than 5,000 ambitious engineers working around the globe in AI, AV/robotics, fintech, health care, security and education.


Our core principles

Create impact

We define impact as the delta created in society as a result of someone’s original work. In other words, what happened minus what would have happened anyway.

Align incentives

We believe the structural alignment of incentives is crucial in creating trust and sustaining long-term relationships with our members. That’s why we never charge our members for our services. We want what you want.

Think long term

We aim to create lifelong, trust-based relationships with our members to maximize their long-term impact. Our team acts as your agent and biggest advocate, enabling engineers to thrive at every stage of their development. Begin the epic journey of your career, one smart step at a time.