My experience with Human Capital was super positive, they convinced me that I would actually be interested in Anduril, despite me promising myself I'd never work in defense again after a stint at a traditional defense contractor. I wouldn't be here without Human Capital!

Josh Bennett, Anduril

CMU '18, UT Austin '17

I had no intention of joining Clumio until I met with their founders and leaders. It's hard to explain exactly what went through my head when I met them, but I had never been so impressed with a leadership team. If Human Capital was not mediating between us, I wouldn't be where I am today at a rocket-ship startup.

Aarash Heydari, Clumio

UC Berkeley '18

After being placed into my first job by Human Capital, I had the chance to observe factors contributing to different startups' successes and decided to start my own. Human Capital was my first investor and been much more than an ordinary investor by pointing me in the right direction with clients and advisors and helping me recruit new employees with minimal effort needed.

Deger Turan, stealth

Stanford '16

Human Capital played a key role in helping me find a great company, Thoughtspot, to start my career with. I loved my time at ThoughtSpot and experienced the company scale internationally to a 500+ person org/$2B valuation. More importantly, Human Capital team has had my back every step of the way, from helping me negotiate my original offer to provide advice on a new venture I’m launching.

Aditya Viswanathan, Stealth

Stanford '18

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What is Human Capital?

We are a venture firm and talent agency that partners with ambitious engineers to maximize their long-term career success.

In traditional fields like Sports and Entertainment, top talent is represented by agents who unlock new opportunities and provide career guidance. We believe top engineers are the shapers of the future and deserve the same.

To date, we've connected our members to 12 unicorn companies when they were <50 engineers—including Clumio, Nuro, Robinhood, Wildlife and more. And in partnership with our venture firm (~$210 AUM), we've supported members in starting their own companies as early investors in six billion-dollar businesses—including Brex and Snowflake.

How does Human Capital make money? Are there any member costs?

We are proud to be fully incentive-aligned with members by offering our services for free. We get paid by companies after introducing members to places they join and through our investments doing well.

When is the best time to join Human Capital?

We've seen how difficult (and stressful) it can be to connect with the right opportunities and guidance when you're at a career crossroads—whether its looking for a new opportunity or exploring starting your own—so we recommend starting a relationship with Human Capital when you're not looking.

To become a Human Capital member, schedule an initial conversation with one of our team members here.

Why haven't I heard of Human Capital before?

The past four years, we've focused on building relationships with engineers at the top engineering universities and helping them think through their first career steps (You might remember us when we were Nav Talent). We're excited to launch our Experienced Talent practice and expand our Member Services to our growing network. Check out our latest feature on TechCrunch to learn more.

How does the Matchmaking process work?

Our personalized matchmaking process connects members to opportunities we think are the best fit for their experience, interests and goals. Principals lead the matchmaking process by building relationships with members and guiding them through our ecosystem. Principals not only directly introduce members to high-impact companies but also provide ongoing support throughout the interview process.

What companies does Human Capital work with?

Human Capital is pleased to partner with the best venture capital firms and their portfolio companies. By meeting with founders and their core engineering teams, we develop a deep sense of the technical expertise these growing companies need and how they operate. That understanding enables us to match high-potential engineers with the most promising opportunities for them.

Our members have signed on as early engineers at disruptive startups including Robinhood, Grammarly, Nuro and Snowflake. In addition, we’ve supported entrepreneurial members in founding such game-changing companies as Brex, Qualia, and Nuro.

Does Human Capital only match members for software engineering roles?

Full-time software engineering roles form the majority of the opportunities in our network. We occasionally become aware of PM and data scientist roles, but those positions generally require a master’s degree or Ph.D.

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