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About The Role

Principals orchestrate our entire ecosystem, working at the intersection that brings our high-potential engineers together with the diverse set of opportunities we represent. You’ll work on both sides of the business, forming and managing relationships with the most talented engineers from top universities, while helping your own batch of high-growth companies manage their growth. Principals develop a skill for identifying talent while learning more about the different challenges companies face at various stages of growth, from pre-seed to exit. With a significant portion of our clients often being stealth companies, you’ll also gain insights and exposure into some of the most promising technologies before they start driving global innovation.


  • Work closely with our members to determine what opportunities within our ecosystem are best for them. You will be working with 60 - 80 engineers at any given point (~200 over the year).
  • Fully manage your own batch of 5-6 client companies, helping them build out their teams throughout their growth. Our clients are primarily early-stage technology companies in various industries, backed by leading VCs.
  • We thrive off launching new and synergistic initiatives within our ecosystem. As a Principal, you’ll be in a unique position to work closely with all components of our ecosystem to identify promising opportunities and internal ventures.
  • Connect entrepreneurial members with opportunities for investment.
  • You will be the connection between our members and our clients, acting as both a guide for our members and the director of talent within our ecosystem.

Important Values & Principles

  • Lifelong Learner: Helping companies tackle uncharted territory requires you to be curious, push traditional boundaries, and maintain a growth mindset for yourself and the ones around you.
  • Strong Work Ethic: To fully appreciate this role and the mission driving Human Capital, you should view the job as a fulfilling part of your life & career.
  • Open Minded: You will be guiding the life trajectory of some of the future shapers of the world at a very critical point in their lives. It is important you understand that what you consider best for you isn’t necessarily best for everyone, and one size does not fit all.
  • Transparent & Honest: Our ecosystem has many moving parts, with each one helping the others grow. If one is suffering, the rest are impacted. It is important to be transparent towards the people we represent and the ones we look to help, to ensure the ecosystem is healthy and sustainable.
  • People First: An organization in its purest form is a group of like-minded people working together towards a common goal. Understanding the value that ambitious people can add to the world and enjoying interfacing, teaching and learning from them is paramount to succeed in this role.

Abilities & Skills

  • Strong Communication Skills: You will be interfacing with many clients and members. You must be able to understand and convey the company mission, culture, growth goals, technologies and success metrics of our clients, as well as the experience, interests, abilities and skill sets of our members.
  • Pattern Matching Abilities: When identifying the best opportunities for our members and clients, it is important to spot the patterns that lead to great matches within our ecosystem.
  • Time Management & Prioritization: When working with 60+ members at a time and managing client pipelines with hard deadlines, it is important to know how to manage your time and the time of others.
  • Ability To Wear Many Hats: There are many moving components to our ecosystem. You need to be comfortable effectively & regularly switching contexts.
  • Attention To Detail: You are helping shape both engineers’ and companies’ trajectories. While we understand that making mistakes is necessary in any learning process, it’s important to take all possible measures to ensure details aren’t overlooked; the smallest mistakes can have large-scale impacts.


Being in such a dynamic environment, working with companies that are pushing the envelope in new ways, we have found that values, abilities, and approach are more important than raw experience for this role. With that said, we have seen people with certain backgrounds come in more prepared for the responsibilities of this role. Individuals with experience in talent-focused roles at companies experiencing growth at various stages come in with an immediate value add to our members and clients. Being a software engineer is not a requirement, however, with the majority of our opportunities revolving around technological innovation, you should have experience and an interest in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The only requirements we have are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a U.S accredited university.


Principals operate out of our HQ office in San Francisco.


Our compensation packages are highly competitive, which include a high base salary & significant bonus based on team performance.

Engineering Operations

About The Role

The Platform team looks to scale human systems. To add value to the thousands of engineers we meet, the dozens of high-growth companies we invest in through our venture fund, and all of the companies we work closely with to help them hire top engineers, system-design and automation are at the center of what enables us to build deep personal relationships. Doing Engineering Operations on the Platform Team means you will design, build, and own the systems that are critical to the success of many aspects of our business.

This is a cross-functional role that brings together engineering and user-focused system design and implementation. You will get exposure to the full stack of what drives our infrastructure, while gaining an in-depth understanding of the strategy and operations that drive our business.

If you get excited by the power of entrepreneurship, enjoy wearing many hats, and love designing human-systems, this is the position and company for you.

Responsibilities - Design | Implement | Own

  • Be in the room to architect the end-to-end systems at Human Capital. Work with various stakeholders and become an expert in balancing functionality, usability, and flexibility.
  • Lead the development on a host of systems including:
    • Internal process management systems.
    • External web applications, used by our members and clients.
    • Data-insight engines to track metrics and identify opportunities.
    We leverage a host of technologies including Node.JS, Python, Zapier, Airtable, Coda, Typeform, and various CRMs.
  • Work with various functions in the organization to help stakeholders leverage the systems and processes that are built.

Important Values & Principles

  • Extreme Ownership - being at an early-stage company, we take ownership in what we build as individuals and what we build as a team.
  • Bias for Action - speed matters in this business. We value calculated risk taking.
  • Don’t be afraid to disagree - thoughtful disagreement is how we find the best solutions for the challenges we encounter. Have conviction and be tenacious.
  • Constantly Reflect & Learn - Reflect what went well & on areas that could have been better. Constantly improve and build upon your experience.
  • Member Obsession - being a Members-First organization, everything we build is meant to add value to our members.

Abilities, Skills, Experience & Perspective

While we value experience, abilities & perspective are what drives long-term growth and success. Some of the things we look for:

  • Experience with databases, scripting, and full stack engineering.
  • An eye for product & thoughtful systems.
  • Passionate about helping individuals and companies grow.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Incredible work ethic.
  • Curious about the intersection of software and humans.


  • Work with an incredible and ambitious team.
  • Significant upside at a fast-growing company.
  • Generous medical & transit benefits.
  • Weekly lunch and plentiful snacks.
  • Work at the intersection of high-potential engineers, visionary entrepreneurs, and companies that will go on to change the world.


Our HQ office is in San Francisco.

Operations Associate

About The Role

We are looking for outstanding Operations Associates who want to gain experience managing and optimizing systematic processes that engage thousands of high-potential engineers and our ecosystem of diverse, high-impact opportunities. You will work directly with the Project Lead to strategically plan and execute on vital operations while efficiently managing relevant pipelines.

As an Associate, you’ll get an insider look at the workings of a high-growth startup, and a chance to understand the opportunities and challenges of working in such dynamic environments.


  • Work closely with the Talent Operations Manager to plan and execute operational tasks for a project that aligns with your skills and interests.
    • Serve as the lead of content development and oversee the team that develops the resources needed to introduce our Members to our Clients.
      • Prioritize and manage timeliness by delegating tasks and overseeing production.
      • Oversee the quality check process.
    • Draft communication as needed.
    • Propose and implement systematic change.
  • Be a part of a team that provides the operational perspective needed to build out out automatic/manual system of communication.
  • Curate a positive Member experience and build out the operational support and systems needed to support a Member’s journey through the Human ecosystem.

Abilities & Skills

  • Strong Communication Skills: You will need excellent writing, communication and organizational skills.
  • Executing with an Attention to Detail: Reliability, along with a desire to go the extra mile, are vital.
  • Ability to Wear Many Hats: Flexibility will be vital, as you’ll be working with different personality types and on cross-functional teams.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from a U.S. accredited university.
  • Previous work experience a plus (but not required).
  • A desire to learn and grow!


Operations Associates work at our HQ office in San Francisco.


Our compensation packages are competitive with similar roles in later stage companies across industries.

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