Human Capital's real power was in connecting me to high-potential companies in their network before anyone else knew about them.

Michael Mattheakis, Brex

U Michigan '18

Human Capital team listened thoughtfully to understand my skill set and interests. Only then did they match me with an amazingly relevant list of companies, and I wouldn’t have known about Nuro if they hadn’t connected me. A year ago, I wouldn’t have expected to have learned about and built so many different things.

Kevin Chen, Nuro

Columbia '18

Finding a startup headed for success as a college graduate can be a daunting task; Human Capital is the perfect way for college graduates to find startups to work for.

Deepan Saravanan, Clumio

UPenn '19

I may have joined another startup or returned to Facebook, but working with Human Capital really helped me feel confident in my decision and also gave me a bit of guidance I needed to deeply develop my understanding of what I was looking for and why. I've been on the team at Snowflake for a bit over four months now, and so far work has been challenging but rewarding, It's been especially crazy watching the company grow and change in real-time even in the short time I've been here.

Arthur Shi, Snowflake

U Michigan '19

If I wasn't introduced to Clumio through Human Capital, I probably would've signed one of my other offers with more established tech companies. I definitely do not think I would be working on projects as big and important to the company's overall mission as I am now. So far I've enjoyed every day of being at Clumio. Everyone is invested in helping me learn and grow, and I think it comes from the fact that at Clumio there's a shared understanding that helping each other grow will make the company overall stronger in the future.

Doug Qian, Clumio

CMU '19

If not introduced to Anduril by Human Capital, I would have probably continued my job search at big companies in the Bay Area. I have always been an idealist -- I believe that we can all find work that is meaningful, challenging, and genuinely fun. The kind of work that excites us, the kind for which we are jumping out of bed. Working for Anduril has been nothing short of this.

Nikhil Reddy, Anduril

CMU '19

I didn't start my job hunt until about March, which was already incredibly late! I'm glad this gave me the chance to start exploring startups though, as now I am very happy I ended up at Clumio thanks to Human Capital. It's been amazing!! I have just learned SO much at my time at Clumio. What makes Clumio unique from other startups in terms of learning opportunities is the culture and the people. Clumio has a GREAT team with star co-founders who had experience in the industry and running a company. The senior engineers are not only very willing to help, but also very qualified.

Eric Bo, Clumio

UC Berkeley '18

Human Capital helped me get to and decide on Brex, which I have no doubt will set me on a differentiated path (and in many ways already has). It's probably been one of the best outcomes I could've hoped for based on my decision to join.

Orry Despo, Brex

Stanford '17 & '18

Our process

Coffee with a Principal

As a first step, we will partner you with a Human Capital principal who will meet you to learn more about who you are: your story, motivations, and ambitions. Your principal will be your partner through your entire journey and work with you at each step of your process from identifying right opportunities, connecting you with opportunities, supporting you through the recruiting process and helping you negotiate your offer.

Become a member

Following our conversation, you’ll be invited to join the Human Capital community. As a member, you'll be invited to exclusive dinners, workshops, and panels with prominent tech investors and founders in the Bay Area, New York, and Seattle. We will also help introduce you to members who share your interests and aspirations.

Discuss opportunities with your Principal

As you start looking for full-time opportunities, your principal will help you get a better understanding of your personal and professional ambitions and then curate a personalized portfolio of potential opportunities for you to explore. At this point if you are considering pursuing a venture of your own, your principal will introduce you to our investment team to brainstorm your ideas with.

Connect with opportunities

Our principals will connect you to the companies and opportunities you’re interested in. They will also guide you through the interview process.

Support throughout recruiting journey

You’ll have access to ongoing support from our team at HQ—including guidance on different decision-making frameworks, evaluating various opportunities, understanding equity, negotiating offers and more.

Access career-long support

We will be there at important moments throughout your career, including navigating promotions and raises, finding your next job, expanding your network and starting your own venture.

Connect with the Human Capital Community

You'll be invited to exclusive dinners, workshops, and panels with prominent tech investors and founders in the Bay Area, New York, and Seattle. We will also help introduce you to members who share your interests and aspirations.

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How does Human Capital make money? Are there any member costs?

Our members do not pay anything to join or participate in our community. We get paid when companies hire a member we’ve introduced them to. We are proud to be fully aligned with our members on incentives.

Where does Human Capital have a presence?

Currently, we have ambassadors at Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Duke, Georgia Tech, Harvard, John Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UIUC, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, USC and the University of Waterloo.

Don't see your school? Contact us at to see how we can help you!

How does the Matchmaking process work?

Our personalized matchmaking process connects members to opportunities we think are the best fit for their experience, interests and goals. It is led by our principals, who help guide members through our ecosystem. By having a close relationship with their members and an understanding of all of the options, our principals not only connect members to the best potential positions but also support them through every step of the process.

What companies does Human Capital work with?

Human Capital is pleased to partner with the best venture capital firms and their portfolio companies. By meeting with founders and their core engineering teams, we develop a deep sense of the technical expertise these growing companies need and how they operate. That understanding enables us to match high-potential engineers with the most promising opportunities for them.

Our members have signed on as early engineers at disruptive startups including Robinhood, Grammarly, Nuro and Snowflake. In addition, we’ve supported entrepreneurial members in founding such game-changing companies as Brex, Qualia, and Nuro.

Does Human Capital only match members for software engineering roles?

Full-time software engineering roles form the majority of the opportunities in our network. We occasionally become aware of PM and data scientist roles, but those positions generally require a master’s degree or Ph.D.

Does Human Capital help members find internships as well?

Our focus is on full-time roles. However, if promising internship roles pop up, HQ will reach out to members to gage their interest!

Do you meet with Master’s and Ph.D. students as well?

Yes! We meet with undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D. students graduating the following academic year.

How do I become a member?

Schedule an initial conversation with one of our team members here

More questions?

Get answers at