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$50k grants to help early-stage builders form the right foundation for the long term.

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Portfolio Founders

Apply for the Delta Fellowship and get a $50k grant and our foundational support to help you bring your ideas to life.

Early support to build, without the percentages and fine print.

We believe that your earliest founding days are most productive when they’re supported with non-dilutive capital and an environment that empowers builders.

This is why our $50,000 equity-free grant exists, because your first check shouldn’t be the most expensive.

Beyond capital, our Delta Fellowship provides students and recent grads with:

  • Founder coaching from our co-founders, Baris and Armaan
  • Weekly programming tailored to you and your cohort’s interests
  • Dinners, offsites, lunches, and other social events with your fellow fellows
  • Mentorship from other founders, many of whom started their companies in college and now lead companies valued at over $1B

Bring whatever you’re passionate about to the table, we’ll help you execute.

Whether that passion is just an idea, or if you’ve already started building something—we’ll meet you wherever you are on that journey to make it a reality.

Past fellows have come in with prototypes, alphas, and ideas. Some spent the time iterating on concepts, others shipped new features, rebranded, and raised funding.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of them (and here’s a deeper dive on the second cohort):

Katie Mishra

Katie Mishra

Founder, Kangaroo
Founder, Kangaroo and

Katie began the program with a prototype. As a fellow, she iterated on her concept, met her co-founder, brought on new advisors, raised seed financing, rebranded the company, and completed a successful beta.

Maxim Serebryakov

Maxim Serebryakov

Cofounder, Sanas
Cofounder, Sanas and

Maxim and his co-founders, Andrés and Shawn, built their MVP, reached patent-pending status, and prepped to launch with early adopters in Asia. We led their seed round right after the fellowship.

Arjun Bhatnagar

Arjun Bhatnagar

Co-founder, Cloaked
Co-founder, Cloaked and

Arjun and his brother/co-founder Abhijay accelerated their go-to-market timeline for Cloaked, their consumer trust and privacy company. We led their seed round along with Peter Thiel, General Catalyst, and The Chainsmokers.

Weekly fireside chats, tailored to our fellows.

Fellows come together for weekly learning sessions, tailored to the stage of their ideas (or companies) and the knowledge gaps they’re looking to fill. Some sessions are just for fellows—check-ins, brainstorms, small group discussions. Others involve outside speakers.

Past cohorts met in small groups with people like:

Phil Libin

Phil Libin

Founder, Evernote
Founder, Evernote and Mmhmm

Phil explained his state machine for addressing startup growth and his framework for finding product-market fit.

Maria Rioumine

Maria Rioumine

Co-founder & CEO, Kojo
Co-founder & CEO, Kojo and

Maria addressed the importance of founder-led sales and effective investor relationships.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

Founder, Speechify
Founder, Speechify and

Cliff shared his advice for improving customer retention by building sticky products.

Learn from other successful student founders.

Being a student founder comes with unique challenges. We pair fellows with mentors who were in their shoes not long ago—and have since turned their startups into high-growth companies. We know because we’ve been there since the early days.

Mentors include:

Deepika Bodapati

Deepika Bodapati

Co-founder, Athelas
Co-founder, Athelas and

Deepika dropped out of USC to start Athelas, which makes at-home medical devices to improve proactive health care (and is now valued at over $1.5B).

Runik Mehotra

Runik Mehotra

Co-founder, Vise
Co-founder, Vise and

Runik began working on Vise as a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. We first invested in them in 2019 and have helped hire some of their earliest engineers. It’s now worth over $1B.

Valentin Perez

Valentin Perez

Co-founder, Monthly
Co-founder, Monthly and

Valentin co-founded multiple startups at Brown, where he was a Human Capital ambassador, Kleiner Perkins Fellow, and part of the Rough Draft Ventures team. He started Monthly shortly after graduation, and we led the company’s Series A.

We believe the future belongs to those who can build it.

That’s why we do what we do—partner with ambitious builders for the long term.

We invest in builders by connecting them with the knowledge, opportunities, and people they need to realize their full potential—meeting them wherever they’re at in their own entrepreneurial journeys.

We know this experience well—Human Capital was started when our founders were in college. We’ve spent the last 5 years helping young entrepreneurs dissect industries, test early betas, and acquire their first customers—then invest in them.

Some of our early student founders include Henrique Dubugras (Brex), Ryan Breslow (Bolt), and Alexandr Wang (Scale).

  • $1.3B
    Total capital committed
  • 15
    Companies we invested in before they became unicorns
  • 5,000+
    Builders in our community
Applications close March 6th
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Who can apply?

Incoming, current, and recent undergraduate and graduate students.

Do I need a business idea or plan to apply?

While you don’t need a fully fleshed out venture to apply, we encourage you to come prepared to talk about some of the ideas you’re already thinking about or a passion for an industry that you’re excited to explore.

When is the fellowship?

The summer cohort runs from June to August 2022.

When are applications due?

11:59pm PST on March 6th.

When will fellows be selected?

Fellows will be notified by the end of May.

Can I re-apply for the summer cohort if I got rejected for early admission last fall?

Yes—go for it again, especially if you’ve made progress in the months in between.

Can I participate in the program while completing an internship?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. We expect you to dedicate a significant amount of time to the program. That said, we’re happy to discuss it on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to drop out of college after the program?

No. You should do what you think is best—whether that means going back to college or not.

Are you looking for solo founders, co-founder pairs, or teams?

All of the above. You can apply as a solo founder, but we’ve found most successful ventures are built by teams—so if you know someone exceptional you’d like to build with, mention them in the application and encourage them to apply.

Can I apply and participate as an international student?

Yes. We hope you’ll apply, no matter what country you live in. If you’re selected, you can work from wherever you want. If you have visa issues, we’ll work with you to find the best way to have you participate. There are tax implications for international students that you’ll need to handle, since each country has its own specific tax policies and regulations. We will make best efforts to work through any issues with you together.

Do I need to be in San Francisco for the fellowship?

No, but we encourage it, and think you’ll get more out of the program if you are. Past fellows have particularly appreciated the networking and community-building they got from the social events, dinners, and random in-person run-ins. But we’re also living in the middle of a pandemic, and your health and safety are a priority, so where you work from is entirely up to you, and we’re supportive of whatever decision you make.

What are the terms for the $50k?

The $50k check is awarded to you, without any direct equity investment tied to it, no strings attached. You can use the grant however you want—for living expenses, office supplies, server costs, etc. Human Capital doesn’t take a percentage of the company (if fellows have already started one), and won’t require a percentage of the company in the future (if fellows raise money during or after the program).

What if I’m ready for a pre-seed or seed investment?

We work with founders across stages, so let us know in your application if you’d like to be considered for a pre-seed (or seed) investment. This will not affect your evaluation for the fellowship.

Can I participate in the fellowship at the same time as another incubator or accelerator program?


Can I still apply if I’ve raised capital?


Why is it called the Delta Fellowship?

When we talk about having an impact on the lives of the people we work with, we talk about the delta we want to create; we want to help them do something great they couldn’t or wouldn’t have otherwise done. We hope this fellowship does just that: serve as a catalyst to propel you to do something meaningful you might not have been able to do.

More questions?

Send them to deltafellowship@human.capital