We invest in engineers

We work with engineers who believe they’ll make the greatest impact by starting a company.


Career planning and advice.


Unique, high-growth opportunities.


Funding and strategic support.

We work with engineers throughout their entrepreneurial journeys to start and build meaningful companies.
Photo of engineers collaborating.
  • Career coaching

    We get to know engineers as people first. It’s not just about understanding their skills and interests, but what drives them and the kind of impact they want to create. We use that as a lens to craft career strategy, help them compare competitive opportunities, negotiate offers at critical career junctures, and more.

  • Startup experience

    We connect engineers with jobs that prepare them to be founders. From positions at early-stage startups where they can learn from engineer-founders, experience scale and high-growth, and tangibly shape a product in its nascent stages to ones that offer deep, industry-specific experience relevant to their field of interest.

  • Advising & investment

    When engineers are ready to start their own company we offer capital on founder-friendly terms and support at every stage—from early gut checks and feedback on ideas, to ongoing advice on product optimization, pitching, and fundraising strategy. We then connect them with exceptional engineers and help them build a robust engineering organization.

Photo of Nikhil Reddy.
Nikhil Reddy

Nikhil wanted to challenge himself—as an engineer, an entrepreneur, a human being. We connected him to Anduril, a fast-growing defense startup with a strong culture of learning.

Photo of Keenan Zucker.
Keenan Zucker

Keenan wanted a fast-growing startup that believed in building both great technical products and a culture of mentorship. We connected him to Agora, a construction management platform, just as they entered an exciting post-Series A scaling period.

Photo of Nikki Kang.
Nikki Kang

Nikki had a lingering, unignorable desire to get into an early stage fintech startup. We connected her with Vise, a fintech startup run by a pair of young founders, brimming with potential.

University engineers

We support and guide young engineers on the path to becoming founders.
Photo of university engineer.
  • Guidance

    We work with student engineers to plan and build their careers, from finding the right internship or post-grad job to starting their first company. We help them understand the startup ecosystem and how to think about a path into it—the skills they need to develop, the pace and tailwinds of the market, the intricacies of equity and valuation, the pros and cons of big tech versus small startups, and, when it comes to it, offer negotiation.

  • Jobs & internships

    We connect student engineers with early opportunities at companies that believe having a great engineering team is core to their mission. They can learn from great leadership and engineering teams, explore and clarify their ambitions, and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills.

  • Delta Fellowship

    The Delta Fellowship gives entrepreneurial students $50k to start building something they care about. Recipients in the cohort-based program don’t just get capital—they get hands-on mentorship from other successful student founders, coaching from our co-founders, tailored speaker sessions, and social events with other fellows.

Photo of Katherine Guo.
Katherine Guo

Katherine wanted the intense kind of personal impact that comes from the best early stage, close-knit, fast-growing founder-led companies. She found it at Applied Intuition, an autonomous vehicle startup.

Photo of Johnathan Anderson.
Johnathan Anderson

Johnathan wanted to work on backend-heavy distributed systems challenges while learning directly from founders. As the 12th engineer and first new grad SWE at Vise, he's doing just that.

Photo of Jared Pauletti.
Jared Pauletti

Jared started his senior year with an offer he planned to take but wasn’t excited about. We asked him what would excite him. Robotics at a fast-paced company in the defense industry, he said. Enter Anduril.